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Bought a pair of their shoes online and need to exchange for a bigger size. According to there policy: you can only exchange in store.

So I brought the item to store, and been told the store doesn't carry this item so I have to exchange online. Called online customer service, talked to a rep named Kaila, she told me I can't not exchange a size by mail even they have my size in there website. So According to Ardene store manger and this customer service rep Kaila, there warehouse definitely won't ship a exchange item to store or by mail. So if you ever need to exchange an item, which is quite often in online shopping, you absolutely can not exchange it unless the store in your city carry this item.

But apparently, they carry way more items online than in store. I feel been scammed. And the customer service rep Kaila told me flat out: "too bad you spend money on the company that's a scam. " Enough said.

Ardene as a retail chain trying to catching up on the eCommerce trend is a complete mess. Even pure Commerce businesses has easy accesses to exchanges by mail. I can not understand why a eCommerce site can not exchange sizes even with so many store front they have. And I don't understand how this company absolutely can not communicate between departments.

According to customer service rep Kaila, she absolutely doesnot communicate to warehouse and she's only doing customer service.

Well, instead of putting in any effort trying to solve such a common problem, she blamed the customer for spending money on a scam company, really shockingly unprofessionally rude. If you don't want to go through a stressful and disrespectful exchange experience like me, STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ardene Shoes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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